Saturday, June 26, 2010

At last...

7/4, Sporting our Red, White and Blue

6/30, First Boat Ride

6/14, Eating Applesauce

5/27, Baby C's Shower

5/8, Dad's Graduation

So much has happened since my last post...

My dad graduated law school and then we started packing our bags. I vacationed at Noanie and Papa Jeff's house for a couple weeks while my parents prepared my new room. Speaking of new room, I FINALLY have my own room and closets :) Turns out the secret to good sleep is having your own room. Yep you read that right I LOVE to sleep, day and night. I think I am catching up from all of those sleepless nights in Cincinnati.

When I am not sleeping I am helping my mom unpack boxes and swimming at the neighborhood pool. It is just around the corner from my house so I get to go almost everyday. I even have my own fan club there, it is so refreshing to hang out with people my own age.

I am crossing milestones off my list left and right, but I will save those for next time. Also I have to tell you all about my new cousin. I am just so busy!

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  1. Stella the blogosphere has missed you but you've been a busy bee so we totally understand. The first summer of Stella looks super fun! Me and Uncle Paws can't wait to come visit you at your new home in Toledo! xoxo