Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big News...

I am moving to Toledo! I had enough of sharing my bedroom with my mom and dad, so off we go. I will be sad to leave my friends in Cincinnati, but excited to see our new friends too. Here are some pictures from the last month and now that my mommy won't be working for a little while, maybe she will do a better job of keeping you all updated.

P.S. Can someone tell my parents that half birthdays are worth celebrating.

Laughing at my mom! (4.30)

Getting too big for my bucket, but I love the shower. (4.14)

Eating cereal with pears and bananas. (4.7)

Drying off after bath time. (4.14)

Family photo on Easter Sunday. (4.4)


  1. Stella you are so cute and beautiful you make me cry with joy! Your mom and dad aren't too bad either! Enjoy your new house! First thing you do is put a sign on your bedroom door that says Keep Out!

  2. Stella. Just when I think you couldn't possibly get any cuter.... there you go again!! I can't get enough of you. Congrats you and your mommy and daddy on the new digs. Can't wait to come visit. Is there a bedroom in there for Aunt Kath too??