Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bucket...

Many of you know about my living arrangements and for those of you who don't, there is NO bath tub! One of mommys friends found the perfect solution, the bucket bath. This video is for all of you skeptics out there. I LOVE my bucket, it reminds me of being nice and cozy pre-birth. This is now part of my new nightly routine as mom and dad are searching for some sort of schedule, ok mostly my type A mom. My routine starts with a bottle, then the bucket, next a baby message, then a book and finally some time rocking in my chair. So far this new routine has contibuted many sweet dreams for me and my parents.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stella's Firsts

So I'm six weeks old now and have already accomplished quite a few things:
- Slept through the night
- Took a bath
- Had a diaper blowout
- Went on a road trip to Cleveland
- Went on a road trip to Toledo
- Rolled over (mommy thinks daddy helped me, but I did it all on my own!)
- Shopped at Nordstrom
- Went out to breakfast at Echo with mom and dad
- Rode a two-wheeler (just kidding)
- Smiled at mommy when she made funny noises with her tongue
- Had the sniffles
- Forgot to go to my one month doctor's appointment
- Played in the snow
- Met a cute older boy and let him hold me
Mom and dad are hoping that "slept in my crib" is the next thing to add to the list, but I really like sleeping in my lamb seat for now. Here are some more pictures!

Monday, January 4, 2010

All my apologies for taking so much time off between blog postings... Looking back at my old posts, it's funny to see what I was writing about on December 13th. I mean, I'm a month old now.. twice as old now as I was then. I don't want to use all of my stories and material on my first blog back, but I'll give you a quick summary of what you've missed and here are some pics of me in my Christmas gear.
First, Gigi and Pops came to town, we celebrated Christmas early, and opened up some presents! Then, Mom, Dad, and I went on an extended vacation to Noanie and Papa Jeff's. It was nice to get out of the apartment but for some reason it wasn't the first vacation I had envisioned. I was thinking beach and I got Toledo. That's okay.. we still had fun.
All of mom and dad's friends showed up to meet me the very same night we arrived. There are so many perks being the first baby born to both sets of grandparents and of all of my parents' friends. I am a hot ticket. I am in demand. People buy me stuff and want to hold me. It feels good to be loved.
I met a lot of my dad's crazy family on Christmas Eve and now I know where Aunt Jenny learned how to (or how not to) control the volume of her voice. I don't think there were ever less than 5 people talking at the same time and somehow they all understand each other. Aunt Jenny also helped out when I took my first real bath and was always around to help take pictures of my pretty face.
On Christmas Day, Santa found us in Toledo and we got to open presents. Uncle Joe and Aunt Jeana stayed over night and both of them practiced on me so they can get ready for their baby who is due in July!! I can't wait to have a little cousin who I can show the ropes to and cause trouble with.
Then we went out to a Japanese steakhouse for dad's birthday and I was such a good girl sitting in my pumpkin seat while they ate. The waitress thought mom looked so good for just having a baby, she asked her "where you fit her?" Everyone thought that was really funny.
After that, Noanie and Papa Jeff went on a trip to Florida and I helped mom and dad make sure that Uncle Jake didn't have a New Year's Eve party. He's such a rascal, but he was good at making me stop crying when nobody else could.
Finally, we got kicked out and had to come back to Cincinnati. That's okay though. I haven't been back here in what feels like a lifetime. Stay tuned for my next post.